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Join Ecologic ASL stream and obtain your Unique Identification Number (UIN)

Are you a first marketer (=producer) ? If so, why join Ecologic ?

Ecologic provides you assistance and support to guarantee your compliance!

As a Producer / Marketer, you are subject to the Extended Producer Responsibility regime.

How it works? anyone who manufactures, distributes or imports a product is responsible for its end of life: they must therefore finance and organize waste management, meaning implementation of methods for waste collection and waste disposal, but also reuse and recycling solutions adapted to the product they manufacture and place on the market.

Good news !

Ecologic can take over the responsibility of producers for the end of life of their products placed on the market, in accordance with Article L.541-10 of the French Environmental Code.

Our missions

  • Ensure compliance
  • Offer methods of waste collection
  • Encourage prevention
  • Ensure the performance of the waste management process

  • Before joining for ASL

    "Sport and leisure articles" are equipment used for sports or outdoor leisure activities, including accessories and consumables. It therefore includes the articles used for cycle and mobility, racket sports, team sports, water sports, outdoor sports, fitness, horse riding, camping, etc...
    There are two main categories:
    • The cycles defined in 6.10 of the article R. 311-1 of the road code and the machines of non-motorized personal movement defined in 6.16 of the same article
    • Products intended for the practice of sports and those intended for outdoor activities.

    /!\ Are excluded: electrical and electronic products (electric bicycles), textiles not specific to sports, firearms, toys, professional equipment and boats over 2.5 m.

    Marketers of reconditioned equipment are only concerned by the regulations when the equipment is first placed on the market in France.

    This means, equipment acquired from abroad and then reconditioned and resold on the French market are concerned by the regulation, in this case it is the first time the equipment has been placed on the market in France.

    Any equipment acquired in France then reconditioned and resold on the French market is not concerned by the regulation, the eco-contribution was collected for this equipment when it was first placed on the market in France.

    According to the regulation, the producer can have one (or several) status(es) of marketer according to the marketing schemes of the equipment in France:
    • Manufacturer (manufactures on the national territory of ASL),
    • Importer (my supplier invoices me ASL from countries outside the EU),
    • Introducer (my supplier invoices me ASL coming from EU member countries),
    • Assembler (assembles ASL from EU or non-EU countries)
    • Reseller (or distributor), if the equipment is sold under its own brand,
    • Remote seller (sells directly from abroad to households or to users other than households).

    The producer is responsible for the end of life of its waste and must fulfill its regulatory obligations. To do so, there are two possibilities: either to join an eco-organization or to set up its own system.

    In both cases, the producer is obliged to :
    • Register on the Ademe's national register of producers: Syderep,
    • Declare every year the total quantities and weights of EEE/ASL/ABJ put on the French market, and the rate of incorporation of recycled material by equipment,
    • Inform the end users of the equipment,
    • Financing the collection and processing of equipment, and supporting repair and reuse
    • Ensure the collection and processing and promote repair and reuse,
    • Transmit annual collection and processing reports to the public authorities.

    The producer can transfer his obligations to Ecologic by becoming member.

    This number is proof that the producer/marketer is indeed referenced in the register for a sector, as required by the regulations and for all EPR sectors.

    For ADEME, the UIN is used to identify producers in an individual system and producers who are members of an eco-organization and who are eligible for the annual fee, and to facilitate the monitoring and control of compliance with the EPR obligations incumbent on these producers.

    Since January 1, 2023, certain distributors will be required to take back used ASLs from their customers :
    • Sales area between 200 and 400m2 dedicated to ASLs: 1:1 take-back obligation
    • Surface area > 400m2 dedicated to ASL: 1:0 take-back obligation without purchase obligation
    • Distance selling with a turnover of more than 100 K€ dedicated to ASLs: obligation to take back 1 for 1

What we do for you

Support for compliance
  • Registration on SYDEREP (ADEME's national register) & obtainment of the Unique Identification Number (UIN)
  • Declarations of products placed on the market
  • Eco-design and eco-conception
  • Repair, reuse and recycling

  • Provision of communication materials for your customers
  • Regulatory monitoring and information webinars
  • Annual reviews and reports

Waste management
  • Collection
  • Control
  • Traceability

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