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Prevention and eco-design plan

How to make a prevention and eco-design plan?

The Prevention
and Eco-design Plan

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Who should draw up a PPE ?
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The prevention and eco-design plan (PPE): an obligation for producers, resulting from the AGEC law

According to Article L 541-10-12 of the AGEC law enacted in February 2020:

Every producer is required to develop and implement a prevention and eco-design plan with the objective of reducing the use of non-renewable resources, increasing the use of recycled materials, and increasing the recyclability of its products in processing facilities located on the national territory.

This plan is revised every five years. It can be individual or common to several producers. It includes an assessment of the previous plan and defines the prevention and eco-design objectives and actions to be implemented by the producer over the next five years. The scheme set up by the producers may draw up a joint plan for all its members.

The individual and joint plans are transmitted to the scheme set up by the producers, which publishes a summary accessible to the public, after presentation to the body representing the sector's stakeholders.

The PPE in 5 key essential points

    1. PPE : prevention and eco-design plan which sets out the actions and objectives aimed at reducing the use of non-renewable resources, using more recycled materials, and developing the recyclability of new products
    2. It must be revised at most every 5 years, including an assessment of the previous plan
    3. The confidentiality of all data in the PPE is guaranteed
    4. It should preferably be written using the PPE template provided by Ecologic
    5. It must be sent before September 30, 2023 (deadline initially set to July 31st), to Ecologic, which must publish a summary for public authorities and stakeholders, and make it available to the general public in free access

⚠️ Warning : In accordance with article L541-9-5 of the Environmental Code, marketers who fail to comply with their legal obligation are liable to an administrative penalty.

For more information : Read article L 541-10-12 of the AGEC law on legifrance.gouv.fr

Who should write an PPE? To whom is it addressed?

This obligation concerns "any producer mentioned in article L. 541-10-1" of the Environmental Code. By "producer" we mean any "marketer", i.e. industrialists, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers or distributors, with no exception relating to the type of producer or the size of the company.

As a scheme approved by the State to take charge of the Extended Producer Responsibility channels for Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Sporting and Leisure Equipment and DIY and Thermal Gardening Equipment, we support our member producers whose products are placed on the market in these categories.

  You are a producer and therefore concerned by the PPE:

  • download our PPE frame and our guidelines (to discover below!)
  • send us by e-mail the Prevention and Eco-design Plan

  If you are a member of several schemes: please write a plan for each sector and send the plans to each of the schemes you are a member of. Some of the content may be identical for different EPR sectors.

How to fill it in? Discover our guidelines and the frames

Ecologic offers assistance in completing this plan:

  • in defining concrete actions and objectives, thanks to the expertise of the Research & Development and Technical & Operational Management teams
  • through tools such as the guidelines and reference frames, co-designed with the schemes Leko, Screlec and Valdelia
  • thanks to some webinars: >> check out the replays

What the plan should contain

A list of prevention and eco-design actions to :

  • reduce the use of non-renewable materials
  • increase the use of recycled materials
  • increase the recyclability of products

But also, other axes if relevant: impacts during all phases of the life cycle (manufacturing, transport, use...) as well as processes, tools, training and other devices set up to promote eco-design.

Please note :

  • it is recommended to include a summary of actions taken to date
  • it is not necessary to complete the whole form in an exhaustive way. Only one action for each of the 3 themes mentioned above is mandatory.

Our advice : write down actions that your structure can really implement for real.

Our tools to help you write your PPE:

In collaboration with the schemes Leko, Screlec and Valdelia, we have designed templates to help you write your prevention and eco-design plan. You will find a template for each sector, with examples of levers, objectives and indicators for evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of the actions implemented. We also provide you with a tutorial with writing guidelines.

👉 Tutorial Guide: how to fill in the PPE frame?
What is prevention? Eco-design? What can be indicated as theme, levers, actions, objectives? Find the answers to all these questions in the tutorial guide.
Download the Tutorial Guide

👉 Frames

You are a producer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment:
Download the EEE frame

You are a producer of Sporting and Leisure Goods:
Download the ASL frame

You are a producer of Do-It-Yourself and Thermal Gardening Products:
Download the ABJ frame

👉 If you put less than 10 000 units on the market, you can fill in the "light version plan" :

Fill in the light PPE allégé

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the frequently asked questions about the Prevention and eco-design plan

Download the FAQ


 Deadline : prevention and eco-design plans must be submitted to Ecologic before September 30, 2023.

⚠️ Warning : In accordance with article L541-9-5 of the Environmental Code, marketers who fail to comply with their legal obligation are liable to an administrative penalty.


Is your prevention and eco-design plan ready?

If your plan is completed and ready to be sent, please send it to the following e-mail address:   ppe@ecologic-france.com

send my PPE

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