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Are you a first marketer (=producer) ? If so, why join Ecologic ?

Ecologic provides you assistance and support to guarantee your compliance!

As a Producer / Marketer, you are subject to the Extended Producer Responsibility regime.

How it works? anyone who manufactures, distributes or imports a product is responsible for its end of life: they must therefore finance and organize waste management, meaning implementation of methods for waste collection and waste disposal, but also reuse and recycling solutions adapted to the product they manufacture and place on the market.

Good news !

Ecologic can take over the responsibility of producers for the end of life of their products placed on the market, in accordance with Article L.541-10 of the French Environmental Code.

Our missions

  • Ensure compliance
  • Offer methods of waste collection
  • Encourage prevention
  • Ensure the performance of the waste management process

  • Before joining for EEE

    According to French regulations on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - Article R 543-174 of the Environmental Code and following, a "producer" is a company that places EEE on the French market (metropolitan France and overseas territories).

    You may have one (or more) status(es) of marketer according to the marketing schemes for equipment in France:

    • Manufacturer (I manufacture EEE on the national territory)
    • Importer (I bring in EEE from outside the EU)
    • Introducer (I bring in EEE from EU countries)
    • Reseller (or distributor), if the equipment is sold under its own brand
    • Distance seller (I sell at a distance directly from abroad to households or to users other than households).

    This also applies to an EEE that is given away free of charge.

    Marketers of reconditioned equipment are only concerned by the regulations when the equipment is first placed on the market in France.

    This means, equipment acquired from abroad and then reconditioned and resold on the French market are concerned by the regulation, in this case it is the first time the equipment has been placed on the market in France.

    Any equipment acquired in France then reconditioned and resold on the French market is not concerned by the regulation, the eco-contribution was collected for this equipment when it was first placed on the market in France.

    Contact us at producteurs@ecologic-france.com

    The Producer is responsible for the end of life of its waste. To fulfill his regulatory obligations, there are two possibilities: joining an eco-organization or setting up his own system (Article L541-10 of the Environment Code).

    In both cases, the producer is required to:

    • Register on the Ademe's national register of producers: Syderep
    • Declare every year the total quantities and weights of EEEs placed on the French market, and the rate of incorporation of recycled material by equipment

    • Inform the end users of the equipment
    • Finance the collection and processing of equipment; support repair and reuse
    • Ensure collection and processing; promote repair and reuse
    • Transmit annual collection and processing reports to the French authorities.

    Equipment operating by means of electric currents or electromagnetic fields and equipment for the generation, transfer and measurement of such currents and fields, designed for use at a voltage not exceeding 1,000 volts in alternating current and 1,500 volts in direct current (Article R543-172 of the Environmental Code).

    There are 8 categories of EEE:
    1. Heat exchange equipment
    2. Screens, monitors and equipment with screens of a surface area exceeding 100 cm2
    3. Lamps*
    4. Large equipment
    5. Small equipment
    6. Small computer and telecommunications equipment
    7. Photovoltaic panels
    8. Pedal-assisted bycicles and motorized personal transport devices

    *Ecologic is not approved for lamps.

    What is the nature and function of the equipment?
    Professional EEE is EEE intended for professional use only and is not available to households.
    A Household EEE is an EEE intended for use by households and individuals, regardless of the sales channel.

    Some distributors are required to take back used EEE from their customers :

    • 1-for-0 take-back:
    • Distributors with an EEE sales area of at least 400 m2 must offer a free "1 for 0" take-back solution for the same product category.

    • 1-for-1 take-back:
    • Obligation to take back used products that the end user discards, either in-store or with delivery.

    Sources :
    1. Article R543-180 - Environmental Code
    2. Article L541-10-8 - Environmental Code
    3. Sub-section 4: Return of used products by distributors (Articles R541-158 to R541-166)

What we do for you

Support for compliance
  • Registration on SYDEREP (ADEME's national register)
  • Declarations of products placed on the market
  • Eco-design
  • Repair, reuse and recycling

  • Provision of communication materials for your customer
  • Regulatory monitoring and information webinars
  • Annual reviews and reports

Waste management
  • Collection
  • Control
  • Traceability

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